Family Fitness

What a fantastic end to the summer term we have had at St Johns C of E in Leigh. The adults and children who have taken part in the family fitness programme have enjoyed their final session today. Over the six weeks they have taken part in many activities such as Handball, Boxing, Hockey and Team Building games just to name a few. It has been a pleasure to watch the families take some time out of their ordinarily hectic week just to spend time playing with each other whilst getting fit.
We have a strong ethos at Champion Education that ‘any movement is better than no movement’. It doesn’t matter what age, skill level or ability the children and adults were they all got involved and had fun, children and parents worked together helping (or competing) against each other in many different games.

One of the best comments we hear from our families is just how much fun the sessions are, the parents were reminiscing about their time at school playing some of the games as there was a feeling of nostalgia in the air, whilst the children were in awe of the mums and dads watching them work together to overcome different challenges and passing on their knowledge to the children and quite often the children had to pass on their knowledge to the adults. The best thing about our family fitness is that it not only makes the people taking part fitter and healthier, but it makes our families fitter and healthier, and its clear to see that when schools and communities have fitter, healthier and happier families we all benefit.

At St Johns we delivered a six week taster session and are looking to continue the provision next year, the best thing about our family fitness is that it is flexible, we can deliver it to small or large groups, before or after school and it makes up one small part of our family provision, when the sun is shining we are outside playing sports, but when the dark nights close in and the temperature drops you can find us inside getting involved in some arts and crafts, board games, jewelry making, potting and planting seeds, making bird feeders or picture frames, you name it we do it.


If you want to find out how Champion Education can help your families or talk a little more about our other services please phone us today, every relationship we build started with a chat, and we’d be happy to chat with you to explore how we can help your school.



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