Our Approach

We are trying to improve the physical and mental health and fitness of the nation by offering unique, engaging and enjoyable alternatives to traditional exercise and fitness. We work with schools, business, families and communities to make sure no one faces barriers to getting fitter and healthier.

Our Story

Become a Champion was founded in 2017 by David Morris.  We began working in one school delivering non-contact boxing sessions as part of the curriculum. Since then we have worked in 20 different schools across greater Manchester delivering a range of services including PE and School Sports, Healthy Lifestyle Clubs, Family Fitness, Early Intervention, Holiday Clubs, Extra Curricular Sports Clubs and Lunch Time Provision.

Our services don't stop there, we are constantly developing programmes that engage different people in different parts of society with a sole aim to get everybody to enjoy increased movement and participation in phsyical activity. We now go into businesses delivering fitness bootcamps, we work with school staff delivering well being sessions and we offer community fitness programmes for local residents in our communities.

 Meet The Founder of Become a Champion

David Morris is currently on a one man mission to create a healthier society where everyone can benefit from increased movement and physical activity. His ambition is to impact people across all parts of society in every part of the country. As the team grows and the skillset diversifies so will our programmes.

David Morris

David Morris started his coaching career 10 years ago at Astley VIP where he now volunteers as a senior ABA coach.
He holds a degree in PE and School Sport and has extensive experience working in schools, families, and has worked in the private, public and charity sector before launching Become a Champion.

More Information

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